• "Everybody's trying to make VR these days, but it's all swimming with dolphins and riding rollercoasters". Meet Ed and Marek, two inventors who think they've found a gap in the VR market.

    By: Chris, Josie, Oli, Dikson

  • In the UK alone, 1 billion clothes moths are killed every year. And all because people don't like holes in their jumpers. In this documentary, [It's Niche That] meets Bob Shipley, who runs the UK's only clothes moth sanctuary.

    By: Chris, Josie, Oli, Dikson

  • “Recorda Boi aka. Oli Frost, started out like most kids, covering familiar classics like Ba Ba Black Sheep and Itsy Bitsy Spider. But when his school recorder club fell apart, he decided to take the recorder in a new direction. By combining his love of '90s hip hop and a gold recorder, he transformed into Recorda Boi. As an adult Recorda Boi has played gigs from London to New York, amassed a loyal following on social media and even performed on Britain's Got Talent 2018."

    By: Oli, Chris

It's Niche That

[It’s Niche That] a British comedy series created by Chris Goulder, Josie Shedden, Oli Frost and Dikson Slam, with a satirical take on news reporting sites like Vice, NowThis and Dazed.